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How to Register and get into the Games!!!


Before you can download the games from the download installer located on the main menu to the right of "Feedback Form" you must register your nickname (the name you want to play under) and use a password you will remember along with your valid email address.

You will see the "LOGIN FORM" to the right just below here!

Once you register, you will receive an email from TPC Games verifing your registration. Click on the link you receive from TPC Games and log in.  Once you are logged onto the TPC Games website, click on the download installer and install the games.

Once the install is finished, you will have a TPC Icon on your desktop!  Click on the icon and it will take you directly to the game lobbies!!

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Club owners and club staff will have full control in their lobbies with no interference from TPC staff unless requested.


All club owners must have a working knowledge of TPC Games polices, procedures, terms of service, lobby commands and will be expected to train their staff accordingly.


Club staff will be expected to conduct themselves and their events in a professional/timely manner and treat players with respect. Club staff will only have Sysop functions in their specific labbies.


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