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When the game starts, the person opposite the dealer will have the option to either Take or Pass the first card on the pile (8 of Hearts shown in pic). You do this by clicking either the TAKE or PASS button.

Any time it is your turn, you will see the big YOUR TURN image below your hand (as shown in picture above). The game messages box (bottom right corner) will do a lot of explaining what the game is expecting of you. It will tell you what your opponent has done or what it needs you to do to continue the game.

If the first player clicks PASS, it will then give the same take or pass offer to the dealer. If the dealer passes, then the first person to pass must take a card from the deck. To take a card from the deck or from the discard pile, simply click on the TPC Games card back in the top right corner of the game (the deck) or the discard pile card you wish to take (shown as the 8 of hearts in the image above).

If either player uses the TAKE option, then they get the card that is on the discard pile and normal gameplay follows. 


After taking a card from either the discard pile or the deck, you then need to discard a card from your hand to the discard pile. The game messages will tell you to "Select a card to discard.." when it is waiting for you to discard. To do this, double click on the card in your hand you wish to discard.

To make things easier, you can also rearrange the order of cards in your hand to your personal preference. To do this, simply click on a card in your hand and hold down your click while dragging your mouse to the left or right to move cards around. If it is your turn to discard, be careful not to double click and accidentally discard a card you were trying to move!

After picking up a card, you also have the option to Knock and meld your cards to end the round. You must be able to meld with the cards in your hand for the given Game Format rules you are playing. 

  • For Oklahoma: Your deadwood after melding must be equal to or less than the cut card. (The cut card is shown in the top right corner of the game for reference)
  • For Standard 10: Your deadwood after melding must be equal to or less than 10.
  • For Gin Only: You must have Gin and cannot have any deadwood after melding.

To Knock, click on the KNOCK button next to the YOUR TURN image. It will announce to your opponent that you are knocking and ask you to select a card to discard. Double click on the card you wish to discard and the Melding screen will pop up.

A brief explanation on how to meld is provided at the bottom of the Melding screen. 

You have 3 boxes you can meld cards into. To meld your cards, click on each of the first 3, 4, or 5 cards from the Your Cards area that you want to meld in the first box. In this example, I would click the 8, 9, 10, and Jack of Spades. When you click a card, it will show it is selected by giving it a blue border all the way around the card. Once you have the cards all selected, click ONCE anywhere in the Meld 1 box. 


Continue to do this for each meld you wish to meld. So once again, in this example, I would then select the 10, Jack, Queen, and King of Hearts and click in Box 2. Since I would not be able to meld the Ace or the 3, those would be my deadwood for a total of 4 points. Leave any deadwood in the Your Cards box.

If there is ever a problem with melding, click on the Reset All Melds button and it should reset it so you can start over. This should alleviate any issues you might have while melding.

When finished melding, click on Finished Melding and it will send your melds to your opponent so they can meld.


If your opponent Knocks and melds, you will then see a different version of the melding screen. The only difference between this one and the previous one is you can see what your opponent melded as well. 

To meld normally in this screen, select the cards you wish to meld and click ONCE in the bold black box you wish to meld in. Once again, you should always meld in order Box 1, Box 2 and then Box 3. The exception on this screen is if you are laying off on one of your opponent's melds. You MUST meld your cards that you are laying off onto your opponent's meld in the same box right next to the meld you are laying off on. 

Any or all boxes can be left empty on this screen as you may not have anything to meld or may only have one or a few cards to meld.

When finished, click no the Finished Melding button. Whatever is left in the Your Cards box will be your deadwood for the round.

Two windows will then pop up. One will show all the cards melded for each player and one will show the scoring breakdown for the round.

After clicking Done and Done Viewing respectively on each pop up, the round will then restart and deal out a new hand and the gameplay starts all over again until the winning score that is set in the game options is reached. 

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